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The customer driven business can only succeed if they can provide good customer service. Companies have started to shift their focus on customers and are trying to provide them good services. To survive in the competition, they need to differentiate from others which can only be achieved by providing good customer service. Customer service cannot be managed by a single department, but should be managed by the entire company. As per the details provided by Deloitte, 92% of the companies’ view customer experience as a differentiator across several channels. It has become very crucial to provide good customer service as customers have become more empowered and are demanding for lower price and quality services. Companies have to juggle hard to provide good customer service at reduced prices and improved quality. Using an ERP solution can help to overcome this bottleneck and provide good quality services at affordable prices. Modern ERP systems help to improve customer service and are effective for small as well as large scale organizations. So if you are struggling hard to ensure efficient operations for your business than implementing the ERP tool can help you to solve all the problems and empower you to provide good customer service. Below we discuss 6 different ways of how ERP can be used to provide improved customer service:

1. Improves customer handling

ERP is an integrated system and it has only one database. Hence, there is no disagreement or confusion pertaining to data amongst the departments as everyone has the access to the latest data. This helps in coordinating the workflow between the departments and there is lesser chance of miscommunication. The customers will receive the same information across all the channels and there will be no discrepancy regarding the products. As per the Panorama statistics, improved customer service is one of the prime reasons for the company to adopt the ERP software.

2. Manages order and ensures timely delivery

Customer service is much more than providing a quality product. It is very vital to provide the quality product at a fair price and deliver it at the promised time. As per the research, although the delivery of goods is the last stage of the process, but as per the customers it is the most crucial one. ERP can help to make genuine commitments as it holds all the details about the product, inventory and the customer on the same platform. These details can be used while placing the order to ensure timely delivery for the customer. Customers get disappointed if their favorite product is out of stock or if they receive outdated stock.  Keeping the inventory in check allows the customers to avail fresh stock at desired times.

3. Increase customer retention

Customers are the assets of an organization and hence it is very crucial to treat them well and retain them. 68% of customers leave as they believe that the company is indifferent to them. ERP maintains all the records of the customers and helps the company to understand the life cycle management of the customer’s assets. With the help of ERP, they have all the access to the details of the customers become more accurate and can answer all the queries of the customers. Moreover, having the accurate information about the inventory and stock allows them to meet the delivery deadlines and deliver as per the expectations of the customer. It leads to increase in customer satisfaction and decrease in customer churn.

4. Keeps price competitive

In the market cluttered with competition, it is very important to keep the prices competitive as customers have many options to choose from. As per the Hubspot research, 78% of internet users conduct product research online. It indicates that they compare the prices and services offered by several providers. ERP plays a great in keeping the prices competitive as it helps in reducing the inventory and work in process which means there will be a lesser cost associated with manufacturing. Evidently better operations lead to better customer service. Moreover, the price fluctuations depending on the order type, size and market demand can be easily managed with the help of ERP. If the company can manage to provide the quality goods at a lower price than it will not only retain the customers, but also attract more customers and give an edge over competitors.

5. Efficient resolution of queries

With the help of ERP companies can monitor the behavior of the customers which enables the companies to understand the buying behavior of the customers and other important statistics. Answering the queries of the customers is the most crucial part of customer service and is very important for the business. 84% customers get frustrated when the agent does not provide the required information. Hence, it is very crucial to provide one-time resolution to the customers. ERP enables the agents to provide more efficient resolutions as they can access all the details about the previous interaction with the customers. Hence, they can handle the queries of the customers more efficiently which makes the business highly responsive to the needs and demands of the customer.


These days the businesses are generally dependent on customers’ opinion. If the customers are happy and satisfied than the revenues will definitely multiply. ERP is the tool that can be used to augment the efficiency of the firms and empower them to provide better customer service.

Marg Erp 9+

MargERP 9+

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